LED headlights are brighter and more energy efficient, but are they worth the additional price?


LED headlight bulbs review

LED headlight bulbs are brighter, safer, more efficient and definitely worth looking into!

Most of us when our headlight bulbs burn out, just go and get the cheapest halogen replacement bulb at a local AutoZone or even Wal-Mart without putting much consideration into the bulbs durability, brightness, field of vision and effectiveness.  We just go buy the cheapest thing, put it in there and drive.  But just like the advancement of flashlights with LED bulbs, that is now occuring with headlight replacement bulbs.

For less than the price you would pay at a car dealer to have your headlight bulbs replaced you can get top-of-the-line LED headlight bulbs that will shine brighter, last update 10 times longer and use 10 times less energy than the regular conventional halogen replacement bulbs.  Yes, LED bulbs are on average three times more expensive than the lowest priced halogen replacement bulbs.

But if you look at their longevity and safety factors like the fact that they shine for a distance that can be upwards of as much as two times the distance of regular halogen headlight bulbs that alone right there should pique your interest.  Any additional feet for your field of vision at night will greatly increase your nighttime driving safety.

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It’s a proven fact that the shorter your field of vision at night the more likely you are to get into an accident or to hit a deer or someone walking, etc…  The difference is similar to comparing a regular flashlight to the newer LED ones.  The difference is massive.  Some of these LED lights can cause actual daylight brightness.

Some auto manufacturers like Audi and BMW are starting to include LEDs in their headlights.  But you don’t have to buy a brand-new car or an expensive import to get this.  Just do a search on Google for LED replacement headlight bulbs and you’ll see ones that are made for just about every recent model of car or truck.  The only bad thing is right now most LED headlight bulb’s have to be bought or imported from Asia. 

I do not know the answers to why they’re not big in the US yet.  It might be that they’re too bright and could be that they haven’t passed DOT regulations or similar as of yet.  And the ones on the Audis and BMWs that I mentioned earlier are not the actual headlight bolds themselves but are n fact daytime running lamp equivalents.  So to get actual LED headlight bulbs the best way is to use an online forum or trading website like Alibaba to search through manufacturers and resellers for the product that you want.

LED headlight bulbs will undoubtedly be the future replacement for HID headlight bulbs.  They do not require ballasts or tons of energy and electricity like HID bulbs.  They will last much longer (reportedly as much is 10 times longer then regular halogen headlight bulbs) and be much safer.  I actually purchased a set through Alibaba and installed them on my 2010 Ford Fusion.  You can’t tell the difference between my car and one that has a more expensive HID headlight system like a Honda S2000 or BMW M5.

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  1. Edwas on September 28, 2010 at 10:06 pm

    LED headlight bulbs look really rad. Can I get them at my local Wal-Mart or Autozone? They don’t seem to know anything about them at PepBoys.

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