Operation Repo TV reality show review – is this car repossession show real or fake?


Operation Repo TV reality show review

I am a real life repossession expert and the show Operation Repo may be entertaining to watch, but it is not real in the least.

I have watched this TV show on repossessing cars and trucks called Operation Repo several times now on the Tru TV channel. It is funny and definitely shows some strange things that do happen out in the field, but one has to ask themselves the question is it real or is it fake? What do you think? now keep in mind these repossessions that Louis, Sonia, Matt and the others do on the show are done in California and every state has there own laws and regulations on vehicle repossessions.

I am an auto mechanic by day and I repossess cars at night. Rarely do I ever repossess cars during daylight. I have the best chance of getting a vehicle in the middle of the night when the registered owner is asleep. If I come I during the day they will almost always cause a ruckus and or refuse to let me take their vehicle.

Now, in my state (North Carolina) I cannot go onto a person’s yard or property without their permission and I better have that permission in writing in case they change their mind – and yes, they do change their minds quite often. Without proof of their permission if I enter their property I can be charged with trespassing or worse.

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If I were to do what Matt and the guys do on the show by driving my tow vehicle up the clients driveway or across their property and they report this to the police I will then be forced to return the vehicle to them. The rule in North Carolina is simple. I can only use public areas or private areas where I have permission from the property owner to repossess the vehicle.

So 95% of what you see on Operation Repo would be a big no-no here in North Carolina. I can scope out a persons property as long as I do not enter it. I can follow them around on public streets to find their vehicles and I can use various software programs and information services just like a private detective to find the client and their vehicle.

I cannot get in fights with the people whom I am going to be repossessing their cars. The law on that here in Charlotte NC is simple – if the police are called to a fight and have to break it up both parties get arrested. It doesn’t matter whom is at fault – that is for the court and judge to decide. I have cameras mounted in my tow rig for this purpose just in case.

Now, some of the antics that seem to appear on almost every episode they just don’t happen. There is no way that any repossession company is going to come upon that many weird and irate people in chicken suits, firing guns, making out in the car to be repossessed, etc… The show is definitely fake from my standpoint of having been in the repossession field for many years.

I have never seen a bomb in a car, smelly chicken meat in a trunk, the car and nearby home loaded with hundreds of illegal Mexicans, etc… I have had one person come after me with a tire iron once. I have had several ladies offer to pay off what they owe or to “fix things” with some of their amorous services – I am a professional and married so I decline every time.

The show Operation Repo may be funny to watch, but take it from me – there are writers for that show and it is 100% fake and made up. Real repossessions happen at 3 am when everyone is asleep. And we are fast and in and out before anyone knows anything. We never go knocking at the owners house to get the keys. We almost always have the keys already and if we don’t we can quickly make a key for any car, boat, motorcycle, etc…

So, enjoy the show for it’s entertainment purposes, but remember it is pure fiction just like in the movies Rambo and Avatar. Operation Repo is nothing like repossessing cars in the real world.

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