That K&N air filter could be causing your check engine light to come on

K&N air filters check engine light problem

K&N air filters work great, but be careful of the amount of oil on the filter as it could cause your check engine light to come on!

If you’re like me you want to save money, gain performance from your vehicle and get better gas mileage whenever possible. So when I heard that K&N made these air filters that were reusable and basically lasted forever, I became very interested in them. Then when I read up on them I found that they also give better airflow to the engine which causes a slight increase in horsepower and a slight gain in fuel economy.So I was sold and bought a K&N air filter.

The next time I took my car to the mechanic to have an oil change done (yes I go to the car dealership because Jiffy Lube and the other quick oil change places rip you off by not emptying your oil half the time) I had him install the new K&N air filter. The mechanic told me these K&N air filters are great and that he used them himself.

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I bought mine for $40 off of eBay and this included shipping and handling. At my local Advanced Automotive and PepBoy’s the same filter was around $80. So that’s kind of cool that I got it for half off and then the mechanic installed it for free. They really take care of me at Town and Country Ford on Independence Blvd. in Charlotte North Carolina.

But there was one problem that I didn’t know was going to happen by installing this K&N air filter. A few days later my check engine light came on. I waited to see if it will go off and it wouldn’t. It stayed on for a full day and this worried me so I took it to the car dealership the next day to have this checked out. My mechanic at Town and Country Ford found that the problem was caused by the K&N air filter.

As he explained it to me these air filters come treated with a light coating of oil which makes it easy to remove dirt that can clog it up easily. The general idea with a K&N air filter is that you just remove the air filter and wash it off every now and then and then reapply a light coating of oil to it. But what can happen is this oil can affect engine sensors that exist between the filter and the air intake on the engine.

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The oil covers the sensor and makes it so it doesn’t work. This is what caused the check engine light to come on and stay lit up. The mechanic removed the sensor or sensors (I am not sure if there was one or two of them on there, cleaned them and then reinstalled them). He then removed the K&N air filter, hosed it off and then sprayed a very light coating of oil to it and replaced it.

According to the mechanic he said sometimes the new air filters come shipped from the company with a little too much of oil applied to them and that was the case here. He cleaned it off and then reinstalled it and it was fine thereafter. I guess it is said to be very careful about how much oil you apply to the K&N air filter and maybe you have to be sure and clean it before you install it for the first time to remove excess oil.

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